Why study your real estate courses online?

Why study your real estate courses online?

A number of years ago I decided that real estate was the career for me. I ventured down the path of selecting a training provider. Being new to the industry I thought that face to face training was the way to go and didn’t question this choice for one second.

During my in class course I found the training not quite what I had hoped. What do I mean by this I hear you say? Perhaps I had forgotten what being in a classroom was really like (it had been a while). At times I felt the pace was too fast for me and at other times it was too slow.

With a range of different cultures and level of educated people in the room at one time proved to be more of a challenging environment than I ever considered. There was that one ‘special’ student who needed a lot of assistance and took up a lot of the trainers’ time leaving the rest of us well, twiddling our thumbs.

Then there was the ‘know it all’ who stole the stage at every chance he had effectively silencing everyone else which left me feeling deflated to say the least.

One thing I didn’t realise when selecting an in classroom style of training was that I was then expected to do work outside of the classroom. The assessments had to be done on my time and honestly these were the aspects of the course I really needed the most help with.

But not all was bad, I did learn a lot and I did pass and obtain my Statement of Attainment for my Real Estate Registration Certificate and I did start my career in real estate and did quite well.
However, when I came the time to increase my real estate qualification I definitely looked more into doing real estate courses online and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

My course materials were presented in different mediums including written notes, plus power points and even videos of trainers talking about the industry. I didn’t have to print or scan anything. My assessments were all in an easy to use student portal via multiple choice, short answer, populating documents and I even got to film myself on my mobile phone doing a listing presentation. By simply selecting, completing, uploading and submitting assessments, before I knew it I had my full Real Estate Agent Licence Statement of Attainment.

The best thing was that I didn’t even have to take time off work. I was able to plot along at night (yes whilst TV binging) and even study during my breaks at work.

With today’s technology it was also great to be able study literally anytime, anywhere. I used my laptop whilst at home, my table whilst on my breaks and even my mobile phone to study! Who would have thought studying real estate courses online would be more easy and convenient than classroom training.

I am so glad I did my upgrade to my real estate agent license course online. Not only did I learn a lot, I was able to conveniently and more quickly complete the course. I wasn’t waiting for others in the classroom to catch up and if I needed help, I just called the trainers and personally spoke to them that same day who explained what I needed easily allowing me to finish the course in no time and without any hassle.

For those out there like myself who feel that just because you are new to the real estate industry you should study in a classroom environment because you will learn more, let me tell you that’s simply not true.

Just do your research, call the training providers and discuss their offerings. Look at their online reviews and find one that receive a large volume of recommendations for the same consistent reasons. Don’t be afraid to study your real estate courses online – if you find a good provider you won’t be disappointed, I know I wasn’t.