History of the Apple Iphone X andd How it got its name

The iPhone X is the 11th generation iPhone, and it hasn’t been out for too long. It was the last iPhone to be released, so one has yet to replace it and likely won’t for months. The first release date for this version of the iPhone was November 3rd of 2017. You should see the country list for availability. Apple products are all over the world for sure. What else should you know about the history of IPhone X? Learn more.

Release Dates

Some of the release dates for other countries were later on at the close of 2017. For example, the iPhone X was released in Indonesia on December 22nd. The iPhone X is a great phone to own, and you can see that it has only been out for about six months. Do you own an iPhone X? Maybe you have been wanting to get your hands on one, and you are considering the upgrade. You can always trade in your old iPhone to get the X.

Why the “X”?

Many people see the ‘X’ and think it’s the 10th version of the iPhone. Yet it’s the 11th version or 11th generation as mentioned, and here is one other tidbit you might want to know about the history of iPhone X. The reason behind the ‘X’ is because it came out during the 10th anniversary of the original Apple iPhone. The first iPhone was released in 2007.

The iPhone X made its debut at the Steve Jobs Theater. While it hit the market in November as mentioned, the iPhone X was actually announced in September, two months prior. That is when it was unveiled so to speak at the theater. The OLED screen technology utilized by the iPhone X is cutting edge, and also for the first time ever, there is no home button to be found. It is quite the interesting and fashion forward concept in terms of smartphone technology.

Face ID

Face ID is also part of the iPhone X, and in fact, it is what replaces the home button. You may have also seen the Animoji yourself commercials, which I thought were really cute. You can also take advantage of wireless technology. Apple made many leaps with the iPhone X, and it shows you that they are committed to brining the latest in technology when it comes to not just their smartphones, but their tablets and other electronic devices as well.


If you don’t yet have your hands on an iPhone X, you might be able to get one at a little bit of a discount at this time. You would have to look around, but you never know. See what all the rave is about this phone and the latest smartphone technologies. It’s certainly an interesting phone, the iPhone X, and it makes you wonder what exactly Apple is going to come up with next. It will be quite awhile before another iPhone is released, so right now, it’s time to get your hands on the new iPhone X to see what it can do.