When shopping for a new flagship phone, you will likely be choosing between two options. You will likely end up choosing between a flagship Samsung and an iPhone. Because of this, you will want to try to figure out which one is going to be right for you. Throughout this article, we will discuss some of the reasons you will want to consider buying the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Reasons to buy the popular Samsung Galaxy S9

Some Of The Biggest Reasons To Purchase The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus:

1. Better Screen Technology.

One of the best things that Samsung has going for it over the iPhone is screen technology. Samsung has the absolute best screen technology because they have been manufacturing their own screens for years now. Whereas, Apple outsources the screen supply to a third party. In fact, Samsung’s screens have become such an industry standard that even Apple has agreed to a contract for Samsung to supply them with the screens for the S9 Plus. The better screen technology is one of the main reasons it is such a good option for the other phones in the marketplace including the latest iPhone devices.

2. Expandable Storage.

One of the biggest weaknesses of iPhones for years has been the lack of expandable storage. Because of this, you are forced into buying larger storage capacity devices than you might be needing. As a result, you end up having to spend a lot more money on a phone with adequate storage than you would with a phone with less onboard storage but with expandable storage options available. With a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, you will have the option to simply add more storage to your phone whenever you need it. This alone is going to make it much more affordable to get a phone with what you might deem to be adequate storage.

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3. Cheaper.

Another reason you are likely going to be interested in a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus over a comparable iPhone model is that it happens to be much more affordable. Not only is the list price cheaper in itself, but you will generally find a lot more deals available for the Samsung phones because they are much more aggressive with their pricing and deal offerings.

4. Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay is much better than Apple Pay. While Apply Pay is no slouch, Samsung Pay is much better because it happens to be much more versatile. Samsung Pay is much more useful for those that are looking for mobile payment solutions because it requires much less of an investment for existing POS systems to be able to take it. With Samsung Pay, you will be able to use your Samsung Pay device just about anywhere. Whereas, with Apple Pay, the retailer has to have updated its POS system to handle the payment solutions recently.

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Overall, there are a lot of different reasons you are likely going to want to opt for a brand new Samsung over some of the other options in the marketplace including an iPhone.

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