History of Apple Phones

A Timeline Of The Apple iPhone

Here is a brief summation of the history of the Apple iPhone and its variations from its inception to its current release. Apple Phones are known for their superior design. Both the iOS and App Store make the iPhone truly stand out from its competitors.

2007 – The very first iPhone is announced and shown to the public

2008 – The iPhone 3G is released, adding cheetah precision 3G capability to the iPhone

2009 – The iPhone 3GS is released, marking a technical improvement in speed and function

2010 – The iPhone 4 is released, introducing a sleeker aesthetic and improved design

2011 – The iPhone 4s is released with a new 8-megapixel camera

2012 – The iPhone 5 is released combining an ultra-tall design with Lightning connector capability

2013 – The iPhone 5c is released bringing fun, fresh colors to the mix

2013 – The iPhone 5s is released featuring TouchID and a 64-bit A7 Processor Chip

2014 – The iPhone 6 is released extending the screen size to 4.7 inches and showcasing an NFC chip for Apple Pay

2014 – The iPhone 6 Plus is released which is the first “big-screen” phone coming from Apple

2015 – The iPhone 6s is released with Force Touch and Live Photos

2016 – The iPhone 7 is released fortifying the stronghold Apple has on the mobile phone market

2017 – The iPhone 8 is released bringing next-generation smartphone speed and processing to the table

2017 – The iPhone X is released in honor of Steve Jobs, extending the screen from edge to edge

History Of The iPhone Infographic

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